Halloween costumes for kids – part 2

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DIY Halloween costume ideas for kids

See Halloween costumes for kids – part 2


In stores today, a huge number of items are needed to create a terrible and interesting image, for example: cat ears, bat wings, fangs, witch and wizard hats, lion’s manes, cat-like paws or wild cat paws.

Charming and funny children’s costumes of various animals are perfect for Halloween. Costumes are especially popular:

Black cat

Of course, in the presence of patterns and desires, you can sew any suit yourself, but, of course, many models of children’s outfits for Halloween can be purchased in stores or on specialized sites. The easiest to make but very cute black cat costume is quite easy to do by yourself, putting on a child black pants or leggings or skirt with a black turtleneck and playing this image with painted whiskers near the nose and a black cloth stitched along the edges in the form of a tail. Add some cat ears and costume is ready!

You can buy it at Spirit Halloween or other Halloween sites below:


A costume for Halloween party or carnival is hard to imagine without the king of all animals - a lion. As a base garment for this costume is any single-colored things in the yellow-orange range that you have in your wardrobe. You can choose any color, from light sand to brown, and the shades of red are suitable. An excellent lion costume will be obtained if as a basis you will take a coverall or hoodie sweatshirt or onesie.  Add lion ears and painted whiskers near the nose.

You can buy it at Spirit Halloween or other Halloween sites below:

Here you will learn how to sew a bat suit for your child with your own hands "Bat costume for a girl".
1. Draw a template of one bat wing on a sheet of large format paper. Then fold the fabric you selected for the costume (for example, felt), twice. Of course, we take the fabric black.
Halloween bat costume
2. Cut out the fabric according to the pattern and unfold it - that's the basic detail of the costume and ready! Felt is good because its edges do not need to be processed, so its not much of sewing  to make a "bat" costume.
Halloween costumes - DIY projects
3. Wings will be attached to the shoulders of the child with the help of rubber band. Make two loops of the correct size (preliminary fitting is required!) and symmetrically pin them with pins in the very middle of the upper part of the pattern.
DIY Halloween costumes
4. From the left over of the fabric (felt), cut a small rectangle. Sew it in this place, passing the rubber band.
DIY projects - Halloween costumes for kids

5. The tips of the wings of the bat are attached to the child's thumbs so that they can be easily put on and taken off. To do that we sew on both wings on a small ring of rubber bands. Thus, the child can by herself/himself put costume on or take it easy off.

DIY project - Halloween costume for kids
6. Put on a child black pants or leggings or skirt with a black turtleneck, add  a bat ears and costume is done!
You can buy it at Spirit Halloween or other Halloween sites below:

halloween costumes - spirit halloween

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