Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

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Today I watched Avengers: Infinity War movie and want to write my first impressions after watching the movie.

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This is the coolest movie! The visual component is on the top level as usual.
In the Avengers: Infinite War the dramatic component is clearly traced. Thanos is the epitome of an anti-hero, but human feelings of experience and loss are not alien to him.

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Here the global problem of the universe about the limitations of everything in the world, everyone sees for himself how to solve this problem, this is the whole film. Thanos did not just sit for years, but waited for Odin to fall. Strange saw all the variants of events, if he had used the time stone, everything would have turned out to be the same.

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Humor and drama perfectly fit into the flow of events that are intertwined with the battle with Thanos and the simultaneous acquaintance of never interacting characters. The spectrum of emotions and its power are very well expressed on the screens – actors, scenes, battles, special effects are all at the highest level. And yet, finally they created a strong antagonist, who could resist all the avengers powers.

Thanos bound together all he needed to complete his plan, but I suspect that he will find that what he accomplished was not the solution he thought he sought.   With Gamora’s spirit living on in the soul stone and the ennui that comes of completing a long sought goal will prove too much for him, leaving  the path open for the restoration of those taken.   The graphic representation of the dissolution of everyone seems very reminiscent as the dissolution created by Dark Phoenix in the 3rd X-men movie, and the inferance was that those lost could be returned… perhaps the infinity stones comprise the mechanism that enables this. I do hope that young Groot returns. What do you think?

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