Do cats help with depression, neuroses and social phobia?

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Today I was reading on the Internet about cats, and that cats could help with stress and depression. Cats are real healers. This is indicated by a number of studies. For example, Melbourne University  research says: Taking pictures and viewing photos with cats helps with depression, neuroses and social phobias. The photos worked even for people who were  in a state of chronic prolonged stress. Patients quickly emerged from their critical conditions.

The staff of the University of Toronto proved purring cats activates in the brain the same pleasure centers as delicious foods or alcohol. Therefore, it is not surprising that among the “cat-owners” there are fewer alcoholics than among single people. In clinics for alcoholics and drug addicts in Finland and Norway, they often use contacts with animals in combination with traditional medical therapy. cat banner

Another study – experts from Edinburgh – established a connection between human health and the presence of pets. It turned out that the most positive effect was produced by cats. Their owners were 18-20% less likely to suffer from heart attacks and strokes than people without animals.

Cats are especially useful for men,  according to UK statistics, more than 70% of men who lived to age 85 had cats. Stanford University emphasizes: the presence of a pet reduces the risk of cancer. Also, doctors recommend  hypertensive people and weather sensitive people to pet cats more often. This process reduces pressure, relieves stress, spasms of blood vessels.

I would love to believe in these studies. What do you think about it?

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Cats are real healers. Cats could help with stress and depression

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